Teak, the king of timbers, is the principal timber tree of peninsular India, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and some other nations and one of the most important timbers of the world. It is optly said that "There is virtually no use to which timber can be put for which teak can not be employed". In ship building, teak primarily owes its centuries old and world wide reputation. In its home countries it is the major timber for general carpentry, furniture buildings, piles, cabinet work, railcars, wagons, wheel spokes and felloes. The reputation of teak timber is due its matchless combination of qualities-termite, fungus and weather resistance, lightless with strength, attractiveness, workability and seasoning capacity without splitting, cracking, warping or materially altering shape. Because of versatile use, excellent properties and high money generating potential, Teak wood is the pride of people all over the world.
Teak, scientific name Tectona grandis, belongs to family Verbenaceae. It is a potential species for commercial cultivation. Teak plantations raised from genetically superior plants under optimum level of management in suitable conditions can yield an extra ordinary return. In a rotation of 12-15 years, the commercial plantations can yield about 20cft wood per tree. The tree can attain a height more than 50ft and girth of about 40-50 inch. Devshakti teak plants are planted at a spacing of 6ft x 6ft. After 10 years, if half of trees of harvested, alternately from each row making a respacing of 12 x 6ft, than each tree would fetch a price of Rs. 8,000/-. It means half unit of Devshakti (5 plants) would give a return of Rs. 40,0007- after 10 years. The rest half
trees if harvested after 12-15 years, would give a return of Rs. 20.000/- per tree viz. rest half unit of Devshakti would cost Rs. 1,00,0007- after 12-15 years hence, a total return of Rs. 1,40,0007- can be derived from one unit after 20 years The return can be further enhanced by practicing inter cropping with teak plantations.

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